Change is on the books for Sun Peaks

The Delta brand has passed the torch to Sun Peaks Hotel Corporation for management 
of the village’s flagship hotel. 

As the 2014 winter season came to an end, Sun Peaks Resort announced new developments in hopes of advancing in the tourism and ski resort industries. Plans to add over 500 acres of skiable terrain on West Mt. Morrisey and current backcountry powder area, Gil’s, will make Sun Peaks the second largest resort for skiable terrain in Canada. Darcy … [Read more...]

Want to be my friend?


Kids are really much nicer than adults. Sure, toddlers are shockingly violent and vocal for their size (just imagine adults carrying on the way three-year-olds are wont to do), but that’s just a communicative plea, rather than an inherently mean streak. Adults can be inherently mean; or more often, simply disinterested and exhausted. Note, both … [Read more...]

Good country people


There’s something special about the kind of people who like to live off the beaten track. Like a duck to water, I’ve taken to my new life in the country, ecstatic to have left behind the restrictions and regulations of city life. I appreciate how country people have their own ways of doing things; in Whitecroft there are more burn barrels than … [Read more...]