$1,000 for Sun Peaks soccer

Soccer BallThe B.C. Interior Community Foundation have awarded the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) with a $1,000 grant to support the creation of a youth soccer program for the community.

The funding will go towards the purchase of equipment, and to help maintain the soccer fields and possibly run youth soccer camps in 2015.

But there’s a catch — if SPMRM is not able to find a coach to run the program, they’ll have to return the funds.

Rob Bremner, chief administrative officer for SPMRM, said the soccer program was picking up steam thanks to a local soccer enthusiast, Corey Boyle, who was championing the cause. Unfortunately, Boyle had to leave Sun Peaks, leaving the future of the program up in the air.

Bremner said any Sun Peaks residents with a passion for soccer who might be interested in running a soccer program for 2015 should contact the municipality.

“We’ve got the seed money to buy the equipment and to run some weekend camps, we’re just looking to drum up an individual or two to take this on.”

If you’re interested in helping out, email Rob Bremner at cao@sunpeaksmunicipality.ca