9 Nordic lifestyle options for romance in 2015

Bruce MitchellIt’s February, and as the days grow longer and we wake from hibernation, we search for romance, and prepare for Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, I collaborated with my wife of 39 years to come up with nine Nordic options to boost the romance in your relationship.

Picture your soulmate on a snow-covered ski trail, gliding synchronously with you on a shared journey of togetherness. What could be more romantic? Even if someone has a lump in their sock, skis that refuse to glide, or a nagging case of chub rub, such minor issues will disappear as the miles slide by.

There’s no guarantee that any of these options will work, as a Nordic lifestyle won’t resolve your relationship issues. Achieving romance is about fulfilling a mutually held dream. Perhaps one of these ideas will trigger that dream:

Ask your partner to ski blindfolded behind you on a flat, safe section of trail. This will require that you communicate about terrain changes, falling trees, passing skiers, and so on. To avoid injury, I suggest that the male be blindfolded, and the female do the communicating.

Buy him/her new underwear, particularly if the old gaunchies are getting smelly enough to kill the romance.

Make a Nordic ski part of a special “date night”. Get some headlamps, pick a relatively safe trail, and watch out for predators.

Don that special suit. Which full-blooded Canadian woman can resist her special partner in a neon spandex onesy? Just knowing that he restricted his beer intake so he could “pour” himself into that outfit will warm her heart.

Pull out your best Nordic ski wear. On that vein, which red-blooded Canadian man could resist his special someone dressed to the nines in woolen knickers, a Norwegian sweater, and animal-themed ear muffs?

Winter camping is another option for Nordic romance. Imagine, a whole mountain for you and your loved one. The pre-packing (cookstove, temperature-rated sleeping bags, shovels, avalanche beacons, freeze dried chili etc.), the bracing climb, and the digging out of your snug little snow cave, will ensure a blissfully romantic evening.

Take a couple’s Nordic ski lesson to build your confidence as you both master skills like: how to fall, how to clear snow from your boots, and how to wear a pole strap. Later you can review the videos. Let’s get the popcorn popping!

Try a different ski trail. Week after week of the same old out and back may be dulling your romance. Get out there and dive into Great Grey, Otter Loop, Holy Cow, Muskrat Sally or Muskrat Sam.

Get out and ski regularly. The mileage will help you regain that physique your partner once admired. Look in the mirror and imagine those buttocks firmer, or your pecs rippling rhythmically . . . and remember; Valentine’s Day is about loving your partner. It’s not all about you. Now get out there and build that relationship!

See you on the trails.