A clean bill of health

Five young friends running outdoors smilingSenator Nancy Greene Raine has always felt an active lifestyle is essential to a person’s health. This is why she recently introduced a bill to the nation’s senators establishing a National Health and Fitness Day for Canadians.

In her speech to the senate, Raine explains how her vision of a nation filled with healthy, fit people was born during the bid to host the 2010 Olympics.

“If we were going to put on the Olympics, we wanted Canada to have a chance, and a good chance,” said Raine. “We all fantasized that it could become a catalyst for instilling a new spirit of excellence for Canadians.”

With the success of the Canadian Olympic Team in the 2010 games, Raine decided it was time to tackle the nation’s diminishing health and fitness levels by designating a day for communities to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

With the help of MP John Weston, 68 municipalities have proclaimed the first Saturday in June as National Health and Fitness day.

“We are hoping to have 300 by June 7, 2014,” explains Weston. “This initiative has the potential to really change Canadian culture and attitudes to physical fitness, in a positive way.”

National Health and Fitness day will create opportunity for local fitness staff and leaders to use their imagination and challenge the community to get physically active, while having fun.
Local fitness guru, Jo Berry, believes wholeheartedly in a nationally recognized day to embrace physical activity.

“Children, especially, have experienced a very sedentary lifestyle,” says Berry. “We need to re-introduce walking and playing outdoors to our kids. If fitness is fun and playful, kids will stick with it.”

Sun Peaks is one of the municipalities that recognizes the first Saturday in June as National Health and Fitness Day.

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