A coat for every lens

lenscoat This past fall I spent some time photographing in the Wells Gray Provincial Park backcountry. My guide on the adventure led me through some of the thickest bush and wetlands I’ve ever experienced. In order to be prepared to photograph deer and moose at a moment’s notice, I carried my big 10 pound wildlife lens, camera and tripod over my shoulder the entire time. Luckily, my lens was fitted with a lens cover.

The product used on the adventure was American-made by Lenscoat. They’re famous for creating a camera lens cover from closed cell neoprene that protects your gear in all weather situations and everyday use while exploring the outdoors.

While trampling around the backcountry, tree branches were constantly swiping against my lens as we travelled to and from different photography locations. The flexible custom cut neoprene covered with camouflage fabric took all the hits and scrapes and protected the finish on my lens while a custom lens hoodie kept debris from falling onto the glass or even worse, scratching it.

Lenscoat stocks a wide range of these protectors for just about every kind of lens out there and they’re continually making more as new lenses appear on the market. I personally like the Realtree Advantage Hardwoods Snow pattern seen in the photo above.

I’ve been using Lenscoat lens covers for several years on different lenses and can honestly say that these products keep your camera gear looking and performing as new, making them a great investment to keep the resale value of your gear up there when it comes time to sell and upgrade. Installation is quick and easy and has never left any residue on my equipment while removing and switching seasonal camouflaged patterns. These high quality covers are measured precisely and fit snuggly and securely to each lens.

The Lenscoat line-up doesn’t stop at just protecting lenses either. They have neoprene and fabric protection for camera bodies, tripods, tripod heads, flash units and assorted pouches and cases for other photography gear. Recently, they’ve also developed a waterproof and breathable product for those who need protection while photographing in the rain, snow or in dusty locations.

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  1. This is amazing! Up until this post I thought they only had hard and bulky waterproof encasings for the body of my camera. I didnt even realize they sold a lens protector! Thanks for the tip! Neoprene is definitely a physically lighter alternative – did it trap moisture though? Living in the Pacific Northwest we trek through a lot of rain.

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