A little recognition for the DDs at the bar

Designated DriverRecently finalized, a designated driver awareness program is being put into place by Masa’s Bar & Grill, The Club at Sun Peaks and Bottoms Bar & Grill, with a cash incentive.

The bar staff from all three establishments has committed to donating a portion of their wages throughout the season to the program, while Brian Keast, a representative from Okanagan Spring Brewery, has agreed to match a portion of the final amount. This cash pot, expected to reach between $1,500 and $2,000, will be awarded to a lucky designated driver at the end of the winter.

How does it work? Anybody in the bars identifying themselves as a designated driver for the evening will have their name entered into the draw.

“Getting people home safe is the key,” explains Brian Gillespie, bar manager of Bottoms. “You don’t have to be out all night, you just have to be 100 per cent sober, picking people up from any of those three establishments and getting them home safe.”

As of right now, an honour system will be used to judge the drivers’ sobriety.

“We’ve played around with the idea of getting breathalyzers,” says Gillespie “The last thing we want is somebody cheating the system and putting other people’s lives at risk.”

This program is not only to encourage people to step up and make safe choices, but also to recognize well deserving people who put their friends’ safety above all.

“The safety of the staff and the public is important to us,” says Jarrad Clay, supervisor of The Club. “We want people to come to our village to play and have fun but also to get (their) mates home safe.”