A nation of opportunity

ExamsWith mid-term exams taking place for university students across Canada recently, now more than ever, thousands of Canada’s youth are looking towards their futures and the opportunities that lie ahead.

We’re greatly privileged to live in a nation rich in opportunity. Opportunity is there for all of us who demonstrate creativity, work hard and who wish to overcome challenges. Many people around the world don’t have the freedom to choose what career they wish to pursue, where to live, or what opinion they wish to express. I’m proud to live in a nation where these choices are available to all of us. Even compared to the past, opportunity has grown greatly due to the innovations of the free world. No longer is it expected that I’ll follow the same career path as my parents and grandparents. No longer will my opportunities be restricted by status of birth.

To look at the world of jobs, it may not seem to be a thrilling picture. But opportunity is not just about how many jobs there are, but the reality that anyone could go forward and build their own. You can choose your future! For instance, with a plan, determination, and an entrepreneurial spirit, almost anyone could start their own business. We have the opportunity to choose, not just between jobs others have created, but also what business we want to build based on our own hard work and determination. Opportunity isn’t the guarantor of success, but rather the vehicle we’re given to help us to succeed.

In terms of access to information, our generation is well and truly blessed. The Internet is perhaps one of the greatest potential opportunities of all. We now live in a world where access to the entirety of human knowledge is a matter of everyday convenience. Through the Internet, one need not be taught just in a classroom, or the lecture hall. Instead, with a couple of mouse clicks we have access to some of the foremost teachers and experts in many fields. To those that wish to take the opportunity that the Internet offers, they can become knowledgeable in almost anything. To those that have an entrepreneurial spirit, the Internet can provide advice, suggestions and knowledge. This resource is potent, powerful, and unfortunately, should be used to pursue opportunities far more than for music streaming and online games (even though I enjoy both).

Compared to the majority of the world, and in relation to the vast majority of history, Canada is an extraordinarily prosperous nation. We’ve been given a great starting point from which to move forward. We have more opportunity and prosperity then virtually anyone one else in the history of mankind.

So let me encourage you to go forward, be courageous and seize the opportunities that life presents you.