A new era for Sun Peaks Independent News

WelcoWEBCover-Shot-V13i8-V1me to the first issue produced solely by the new owners of Sun Peaks Independent News. The first order of business is a few huge acknowledgments of gratitude. The amount of well wishes and words of encouragement we’ve received from the community before even putting pen to paper has been overwhelming. In an era of a vastly changing media landscape, you’re never sure of the reaction when you tell someone you’ve decided to invest in a print newspaper, but the positive response from locals and business owners has helped build our confidence in the decision and helped ready us for the challenges ahead.

My second thank you goes out to Adam and Cathy Earle, who started this paper from scratch over a decade ago. I saw their initial attempt at the first issue — trust me, they came a long way! I’m grateful for their foresight in realizing that Sun Peaks was more than just a ski resort. It’s a genuine community in need of local news — gathered, researched and published right here in Sun Peaks.

Also, thank you to my family for their support and for not calling me crazy (to my face). Huge props are owed to my sister Jen, who’s bravely decided to join me in this new endeavor. She’s received an incredibly warm welcome for which she’s truly grateful for and is looking forward to working with residents of the village. With backgrounds in journalism and graphic design, we’ve always had an idea our complementing skill sets would work well on a project together and I’m happy to say we’ve found the perfect one.

Thanks is also owed to everyone who has helped turn Sun Peaks from a random point on the map into my much loved home. From knowing nothing about this place before moving to the area eight years ago, I could have never foreseen the major impact it would have on my life. This includes all my past employers, coworkers, friends, ride buddies, and more. I can’t think of a better place to take these exciting next steps.

We have a lot of ideas for the future. Everything from newspaper design to article content to the website. And we are very excited to share this evolution with our readers. It will be a process, and we’re looking forward to hearing feedback and comments. This newspaper exists to serve the community and we want to learn more about what residents and visitors both need and want.

We also have a lot hopes. The biggest one being to build on what this newspaper already is and becoming the go-to venue for important community discussions. Anyone who’s lived here for more than a season knows Sun Peaksians aren’t short on opinions – most are shared over pints or on chairlifts, some on computer screens and others in municipal council. Our goal is bring different perspectives together, encourage community involvement and help to grow Sun Peaks into what we all know it has the potential to be, while hopefully providing an entertaining read at the same time! So write your letters to the editor, comment on online articles and send in your local photos and story ideas – we’re excited for your contributions!