A safe ride home from the Firefighters’ Gala

operation red nose image

Organizers of the Sun Peaks Charity Firefighters’ Gala want to make sure you enjoy your whole gala evening, from the time you leave the house until you get home safely.

To help you have the evening of your life, they’re offering a local pick-up and delivery-home service to guests on the night of the event.

This service will have sober gala volunteers drive you home in their vehicles. Gala organizers ask that you contribute a donation for the service — the amount is up to you.=

Your “Operation Get Home” rides will begin as early as 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 23, to get you to the event, and will continue throughout the night. To communicate the details of when you would like your ride home, please fill out the form at the Gala’s Coat Check. E-mail the information below to the Gala organizers whether you want only a pick-up, only a delivery-home, or both.

Thank for your support, and wishing you a safe and enjoyable Sun Peaks Firefighters’ Gala evening!

To register for a ride, e-mail : firefighterscharitygala@gmail.com
Include the following information:
1)      Do you want a drive to the Gala?
a. Pick-up address:
b. Pick-up time:
2)       Do you want a ride home from the Gala?
3)      Your name:
4)      Your phone and cell phone numbers:
5)      Your e-mail address: