A tall order for local DJ duo

The Tall Handsome Club at ULLR. Photo Morgan Walter

WRITTEN BY Courtney Jones

Local music DJ duo James Heath and Matt Zukowsky are taking the mountain by storm this winter as the Tall Handsome Club (THC).

THC impressed the crowds at ULLR earlier this year, despite technical issues at the event.
“Honestly, we couldn’t have asked for a better night,” Zukowsky said. “We battled computer trouble our entire set, but we stuck to our plan and we’re still blown away by the response we received. It is truly an honour to have had the opportunity to play and share the stage with so much experience and talent.”

After an incredible start to the season, THC intends to continue playing as often as possible. Zukowsky has already played a hand full of shows locally, while Heath is back in the UK organizing a Canadian permanent residency.

Their friendship grew through their love of snowboarding and music while working at Jardine’s in 2016.

“The relationship just progressed from work mates, to snowboarding pals, to best friends, to becoming a DJ duo,” Heath said.

“Back then you would have had to pull teeth to get Matt to listen to any type of electronic music and you would’ve needed to force me to listen to Matt’s selection of punk rock and hardcore. So, it has been a musical journey for us both.”

THC was first created for their friends, making music that everyone would enjoy.

“The Tall Handsome Club was born out of a shared passion of music, hanging out with friends, going to gigs, and wondering how we could build our own sound so our friends could have a good time,” Zukowsky said. “Collectively we both have long backgrounds in music. We both play guitar and have played in bands growing up in our respective corners of the globe. We also have split experience in brass bands, music production/recording and putting on shows.”

Heath and Zukowsky both agree their favourite aspect of being a DJ duo is the variety that they bring to the table.

“The collaboration of different ideas we have can make it super exciting and hilarious when we dig through music we think we could curate into a fun listening experience,” Zukowsky said. “It’s always the snowball effect with us, but it’s working, so we intend to roll with it.”

Although the duo is collaborating across the ocean, they’ll keep THC going as the new hosts of “Beats Served Chilled,” a Sunday evening of house music every two weeks at The Voyageur Bistro.

“Our goal for the Tall Handsome Club is to just keep playing as much as we can, neither of us expected to gain as much traction as we have so quickly, so we are just rolling with the momentum for sure,” Zukowsky said. “At the end of the day we just love music and having the opportunity to play within our home community of Sun Peaks is a huge deal.”

Heath and Zukowsky said they owe thanks to Dom Koric and the ULLR team, Celine at Voyageur Bistro, Freedom35, DJ CK, SpunLogic, McSporties and the Sun Peaks community.

Follow the duo on Instagram at @tallhandsomeclub, on Soundcloud at The Tall Handsome Club or see them at work at The Voyageur Bistro for the rest of the season.