Age-friendly Sun Peaks

Sun Peaks is one of 26 communities across British Columbia receiving an age-friendly grant.

Close to $500,000 will be divvied up between the communities, of which Sun Peaks has been awarded $19,980.

Rob Bremner, CAO of Sun Peaks Municipality, explains this allocation represents a “planning grant” for the community.

A call-out will be made in January inviting people to put their names forward to sit on a seniors’ advisory committee. That committee will work with a consultant to assess demographic and environmental conditions in the community.

“The ultimate outcome of this is that we want to establish a web based information site for services and resources for seniors,” explains Bremner. “We’ll look at the connectivity for pedestrians in the community – how the community’s connected and how they’re getting around. That will also give us a better understanding of what the barriers for movement around the community are. Then once we do all of that identification work, we can apply for grants that will help us pay for some of the work that will need to be done.”




  1. Congratulations Rob ! The maintenance of walkways in the village will be very appreciated .
    Every subdivision should be connected through safe walkways with the village.

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