Agitator repairs won’t agitate skiers

Agitator is ready for skiers again after a washout this spring. | Photo SPIN.

After being impacted by heavy rains and snowmelt in May, the Agitator ski run on Mt. Morrisey has been repaired.

It took five days of work by Brent LeBeau of LeBeau Brother’s Logging to fill in the washed out section of the run, which is known for its steep pitch.

Barney Mouat, outside operations director for Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR), said LeBeau had to clean out any debris then create an access trail before starting at the top of the fault. He pulled material from the surrounding areas into the slide and packed it down, working his way from top to bottom. He also created new water bars above and below the site to prevent future slides.

Mouat said the bars are important to guide water off runs without cutting into the ground or pooling, which likely caused the damage. He said the fall line of the run will be slightly different after the fix.

“A seasoned skier may notice a difference.”