Annual Telus Nancy Greene Alpine Classic prepares for second year as ski cross event

Nancy Greene Raine with a competitor. File Photo

Returning for its 22nd year, Telus Nancy Greene Alpine Classic’s organizers have seen their dream of a community medical facility become a reality. Following a Jan. 26 practice session organizers, volunteers and participants attend the grand opening of the Sun Peaks Family Practice to see the new space they’ve helped fundraise for.

“Going back 22 years ago, we were trying to get some kind of a medical facility up and going and this became the main fundraiser for the Sun Peaks Health Association,” said Nancy Greene Raine, director of skiing for Sun Peaks Resort LLP and the tournament’s namesake. “The money that we were raising was helping to cover the costs of having a small medical trailer at Sun Peaks and providing some basic services through the winter months.”
Although their goal has been met, the event will continue to raise money for the health association to assist with ongoing health care needs in the community.

The annual competition was traditionally an alpine ski race but organizers changed the event to a ski and snowboard cross event last year. The event runs all day on Saturday, Jan. 27 with 30 plus teams competing. Designed to accommodate all levels of skiing and snowboarding, the event is safe and fun for everyone.

The Telus Nancy Greene Alpine Challenge. File Photo

“If you can ski comfortably on a blue run that’s good enough, you don’t have to be a great skier or boarder anybody can join in the fun,” said Raine. “It’s not a serious event, it’s an event to participate in and go as fast as you can, do the best you can, but it’s a team race. Some teams are going to get the awards and some teams are just going to laugh and have fun.”
The course located on Sun Catcher ski run was designed by White Industries Ltd., a specialist in ski and snowboard cross courses, who created the course for the Vancouver and Sochi Olympic Games. The course for this year’s event is anticipated to be similar to last year’s course but may be slightly smaller due to the amount of snow on the mountain.

“There’s less snow now than normal, (about) 85 per cent of our normal snowpack so the course may not be as big as it was last year, in terms of the height of the rollers and the height of the banked turns. But it’ll be similar,” said Raine.

The Telus Nancy Green Alpine Classic competition will begin with Canadian Olympic gold medalists Ashleigh McIvor and Nancy Greene Raine forerunning the event before opening up the course to the competitors. For more information on the event or to register contact