Are you Spartan enough?

Spartan Race - File PhotoAre you ready to leap over fire, climb mountains, crawl under barbed wire and get dirtier, muddier, and wetter than ever before?

With the Spartan Race set to return to Sun Peaks on the weekend of September 26 and 27, local and visiting racers are preparing to have their mind, body and spirit pushed to the limit.

The Spartan Race features three categories: the Sprint, a five kilometre challenge featuring around 15 obstacles; the Beast, a 21 km slog with more than 20 obstacles; and the ultimate challenge — the 42 km Ultra Beast, featuring more than 25 obstacles to test the limits of even the toughest competitors.

SPIN caught up with two local racers who are eager to compete again when the Spartan Race returns: Charles Albrow, the winner of last year’s Spartan Beast, and fellow competitor Olly Coppo, who finished 27th in a field of more than 1,000 racers.

Coppo said he really enjoyed “the first two-thirds” of the race.

“The obstacles were fun and a good test of everyone’s abilities, but the last part of the race was physically and mentally grueling. By the time I reached the rope climb at the end I had no strength left in me.”

Despite the challenge, both racers strongly recommended the event to anyone interested in taking it on.

“The different categories mean there’s something for everyone. Anyone could achieve the Sprint, and if you really want to push yourself you could try the Beast or Ultra Beast,” Albrow said. “The camaraderie amongst competitors and the sense of achievement upon finishing was awesome.”

A junior race will also take place on Sunday, September 27, with modified obstacles for all athletic levels and ages.

Obstacle racing is fast growing in Canada and around the world. The first Spartan Race was held in Vermont in 2010, and now holds 130 events in 15 countries each year. Other popular obstacle races include the Tough Mudder, Warrior and Canada Mud Hero series.

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