Teach your children well

On Strike

As someone that doesn’t have children, I’ve quietly sat on the sidelines and watched the B.C. Government and the BC Teachers federation (BCTF) have one dispute after another, leading to continued strike action, cancelled classes, no school sports or report cards and more. While I certainly don’t profess to understand all the issues at hand with the … [Read more...]

Cleaning house


I hate to admit it wasn’t that much of a shock to me that after more than 80 years reporting community news, sports, obits, and ads the Kamloops Daily News (KDN) announced that it was no longer publishing a daily newspaper. Online competition, increased costs, decreased advertising revenue and market trends are just a few of the tag words used in … [Read more...]

Sun Peaks News launches virtual version of SPIN Newsmagazine


To allow our readership  better access to the news, the  stories and the businesses that make up  SPIN Newsmagazine each issue, Sun Peaks News has now launched a virtual copy of SPIN on our website. Now readers from around the globe can see the whole copy of SPIN each issue from wherever  they are. On the beach, on the boat or on the golf course, … [Read more...]