Sustenance for the slopes

The winter season has arrived and many skier and snowboarders’ thoughts will be on first chair, fresh tracks, champagne powder, hikes, glades, park, rails, and the delirious feeling the start of the season brings us. For me, the next thing on my mind is what I’m going to eat to keep my energy up for a day of play. Is it that soup I have in the slow cooker at home? Is it that granola bar in my pocket I’ll eat on … [Read more...]

A zest for zucchini

I passed a fellow at a farmers’ market who had just picked up what looked like a 20 pound zucchini, and I think I might have drooled a little. Slipping into a daydream of the things I could make with that much zucchini, so much time passed that I missed my opportunity to buy one for myself. Images of zucchini loaves, cake, fritters, pancakes, pasta, and salads floated in front of my eyes. Being such a versatile … [Read more...]