Get your work published

great gray owl

One of the rewards of making good nature photographs is the possibility of getting your work published. The magazine market still has plenty of room for photographers who can create images that stand out from the crowd, or work well with a particular article or story. Here are four basic tips that can help you get noticed by an editor, art director … [Read more...]

How cute? The Columbian ground squirrel is tops!

columbian ground squirrel peter sulzle

Arguably, one of  the cutest alpine critters in the Sun Peaks area is the Columbian ground squirrel. This little rodent sports white around the eyes, and has a coat of orange and brown with a mix of gray. It can weigh up to 800 grams. As a young nature photographer, these burrowers were one of my favourites to photograph with my dad’s camera … [Read more...]

Photographing that special moment


When you’re out and about with your camera and find a great subject like the grizzly bear pictured here, stick to it. It’s easy to take one or two frames and then walk or drive away. Unfortunately chances are that you probably won’t get anything worth keeping and will be disappointed when you get hom e and view the images on your computer. … [Read more...]