Avalanche warning in effect this weekend

A map showing some areas covered by the warning.

A series of storms has winter enthusiasts rejoicing, but if you’re heading into the backcountry this weekend you should be cautious.

Avalanche Canada has released an avalanche warning which covers most mountainous regions of the province, including Sun Peaks’ out of boundary areas, effective until end of day Dec. 16.

In a statement issued Dec. 14 James Floyer, lead forecaster for Avalanche Canada, said early season rain has impacted stability as new snow has not bonded well to the old surface.

“Our main concern is that we are expecting the weather to clear on Saturday. After all this rain in the valleys, backcountry users are going to want to hit the alpine but that’s where the danger is greatest. There’s a very weak layer now buried anywhere between 60 and 150 cm. Any avalanche triggered on that layer will definitely be life threatening.”

Those leaving resort boundaries and snowmobilers riding at or above tree line are asked to be aware.