Back to our roots with a new look

New logo and masthead
New logo and masthead

It was 2002 and there was a lot happening in Sun Peaks. The Delta opened, bringing a nationally recognized franchise to the resort’s doorstep, and the new Quad lift on Mt. Morrisey began turning for the first time, opening access to an entire new mountain. It was an exciting time and people were eager to share the news. Motivated by a wish for clearer communication, this newspaper was launched in part to dispel rumors and set the record straight.

The obvious name choice for the new local rag was Sun Peaks News, but there was an important point to make. It was a new and separate business and without distinguishing itself the publication would be swallowed up by the corporation’s reputation (especially as there was no municipal government at the time). So the word Independent was added, marking the newspaper as its own entity.

Now known mainly as its acronym, SPIN, the newspaper has evolved into a lifestyle-based newsmagazine. But the title’s origins stayed in back of my mind during our recent redesign process.

I’ve found that initial issue has crept up in many of the questions I’ve fielded lately, both from long-time locals and newcomers. Many didn’t know what the letters stood for as the original name was before their time, and others assumed the newspaper was funded as part of the municipality or the resort company. Some readers in Kamloops didn’t at first realize it was a Sun Peaks publication or where the news came from.

These factors lead us to bring the paper back to its roots, which are reflected in the new masthead and logo. In addition to the proudly displayed “Sun Peaks”, readers will notice the reappearance of “Independent News” in a lighter weight font. We’ve also included the signature three peaks to honour the local geography as well as a biannual colour change to reflect the seasons.

While the shorter and cleaner SPIN and Sun Peaks News will always be used, we hope this new-but-old masthead will help clear up some reader confusion. Throughout these pages, we hope you’ll find the new look fresh, enticing and easy-to-read. We also hope you enjoy reading it, as we enjoyed creating it.