Competitors will race on aspects of both Insanity One and Honey Drop. SPIN Photo.

The annual BC Cup series race is set to return July 7 and 8 giving  riders  the opportunity to also compete for the BC Downhill Championship title. Racers attending the event will earn their points for the BC Cup Series and can enter the standalone provincial race for the chance take home the the provincial champion in their age category.

To be eligible for the championship racers must have a Cycling BC License.

“For the BC Cup there’s different categories and so there are one event licenses for unlicensed riders in the open categories. We always get quite a few sport riders,” explained event organizer Henry Pejril.

What makes this competition unique is each racer, no matter their age and skill level, will compete on the same course.

“Everybody does the same course so that’s one of the things you can always compare your times to the fastest because you’ve done the same course,” said Pejril.

Racers will take on the technically challenging aspects of Insanity One and Honey Drop winding down the same official race course as last year in Sun Peaks.

“Speed really doesn’t gauge a rider’s abilities at all, then it just comes down to how willing you are to let go of that brake handle. I think the technical courses you’ll find that there’s quite a bit more of a disparity between the riders times just because talent does win out in those type of races,” he said.

Last year the event saw lower registration numbers due to the wildfire season but Pejril is optimistic they will have their usual 300 competitors. Having been involved with races at Sun Peaks since 1996, Pejril has seen a shift in popularity of the sport among the age groups.

“Back in the early days our numbers were in the senior categories whereas now a lot of our numbers are in the junior expert categories and the younger riders which is really good for the sport because it shows there’s a real uptake again with the younger guys,” he said.

Competitors can pre-register for the event online at or day of at the registration office.