Being a Sun Peaks “local”

Publisher's Note

As will happen in other resort towns, people from around the globe flock to Sun Peaks, B.C. each winter to ski, work, holiday, party, and do whatever it was that inspired them to come here. While the success of Sun Peaks Resort as a resort community is based on the positive experiences of all our guests and visitors, it’s also directly tied to the positive attitude of those that call it home—the Sun Peaks “locals.”

As SPIN publisher I’d like take this time to enlighten all those new to this great community on a few subjects as the locals see them, so while they’re here they too can also live the positive Sun Peaks lifestyle that sets the tone in this great community.

As we’re a global community, being a Sun Peaks local isn’t really based on years lived here, but is based instead on a positive attitude while living here. True locals don’t litter the ski hill, parking lots, village core, or anywhere else, with their garbage, cigarette butts, dog crap or anything else, as these same locals are the ones who invariably pick all this garbage up each spring. Snow doesn’t make litter, empties or dog crap go away, locals make it go away. Locals never walk on Sun Peaks Road as that amounts to Russian roulette with cars and trucks. They walk the lit and ploughed Valley Trail, night or day. Locals don’t fight, smash bottles and scream at the top of their lungs when leaving the bars and restaurants at 2 a.m., they quietly leave the village core so as not to disturb others not attending their after party. Locals don’t drink and drive, they get a sober ride home or they walk the whole 15 minutes it takes to get anywhere in this town. Locals are respectful of those visiting Sun Peaks and instead of saying, “What do you want?” to a guest or customer, locals say, “What can I do for you?” or, “How can I help?”

While everyone that lives, works and breathes Sun Peaks may be here for different reasons, the simple fact is we’re only as good as the collective show we put on to the world, and the success of that show is on everyone’s shoulders. If you want to be a Sun Peaks “local” during your stay here then we’ll happily welcome you with open arms, but with that title comes the same responsibilities that one would expect if we all moved to your hometown.




  1. The very tenor of this ‘almost news year’ article depicts that you have had problems either within the area or with attitudes, but making military statements about one’s commitment to where one will live doesn’t depict that people are -exactly- going to jump up and become “the citizenry,” so to speak. -Usually these discussion are meant to be had more locally and on a local level -not as entire news events for the world: IE. “Come to SunPeaks, Better Get In Line!”  – So, with all this being said (and I’m interested in the place, yet I do not live there), perhaps the New Year may be less stressful to you than as you sound in your reporting herein, again, so to speak. 
    HNY Dec.31,2011

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