Beware of “Men with Big Hearts”

It was finally time for my mom to move into a seniors’ complex, a very emotional and difficult time in one’s life, not really something to look forward to! It was my duty to move her belongings.
I called the Kamloops moving company, Two Men with Big Hearts, and met with local representative Bill to discuss details. Bill assured me my needs would be met and gave me a contact phone number in Edmonton. I gave him the necessary deposit.
On moving day, no movers showed up and I received no answer at both the phone numbers I was supplied. Finally I got hold of the contact person and we began to discuss the moving arrangement, now completely different from what I had agreed upon with Bill. Not only would I have to use my own vehicle to help load the items, the delivery date was uncertain, and would be at least two weeks later than the original agreed upon date.
I was asked pointedly if I wanted the truck to show up or not. The final outcome was more than disappointing.
When I called Bill upon returning to Kamloops, he informed me that this is not the first time there had been problems of this nature. Initially he agreed to return my deposit, but now he has changed his mind.
I always liked the name “Two Small Men with Big Hearts”, but as far as the services provided that’s a different story.
My advice would be to research your moving company before you make a final decision.
Graham Swan, Whitecroft




  1. In fairness to “Two Small Men with Big Hearts”, I have used them 3 times over the past 10 years (in Vancouver) and they have ALWAYS been professional, punctual, thorough, polite and careful with my stuff.

  2. Remarkable how similiar my story is to yours. Bill is out for one thing, to take your money and do as little if any work as possible. Took my deposit, did no work, didn’t show, promises broken, etc etc., then welcomed a courtcase. They politer I got the more unravelled he became. You would be safer chucking your stuff in the Thompson and picking it up downstream. It is obvious to me that they take deposits from small jobs to use for gas money to get them to their big jobs, then they try to patch it up from wherever they may be. This is bar none the worst most unproffesional business or person I have ever come across in my life. After me dealings with them I wouldn’t trust them with a load of dirt let alone my personal belongings. I can’t speak for all their locations but this Kamloops location is the bottom of the barrell. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few bucks to hire real movers. As long as I live in this town nobody I know will ever use them, thats for sure. (ps) at least use your Visa so you can dispute the charge.

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