Graham Funk had the fastest time of the competition finishing at 93.02. SPIN Photo.

Seventh annual Bluebird Banked Slalom a success

“It’s on the map now after seven years,” said Koach Thiessen, event sponsor and co-owner of Oronge Board Shop, speaking about the annual Bluebird Banked Slalom. “We have people coming from the north from Prince George, we had people come all the way from Calgary we have people coming from all over parts of B.C.”

This weekend the event brought out over 215 competitors to take on 5 Mile’s “Hully Gully” course in support of the Bluebird Day Fund.  

The friendly competition gives riders an opportunity to prove their skills by racing against the clock with both a youth event on the Saturday and 19 plus competition on the Sunday.

“The weekend was a huge success. We had 75 kids race yesterday, we had probably 140 kids race today, so we were well over what we were even expecting for the event,” said Thiessen. “Every year it grows, every year it runs smoother… everybody was just having a great time this weekend.”

With two days of competition, the course was modified to accommodate a more challenging race on Sunday.

“Course this weekend was amazing. It was probably the smoothest, fastest, and flowiest course we’ve had, in years past from conditions being icy or different berm locations it was a lot more challenging and scary. Now pretty much anybody at any skill level can ride it,” he said.

On day two of competition Thiessen said it was the men’s open snowboard and master snowboard categories that were the most competitive of the day.

Ross Thompson was the fastest in men’s open with a time of 103.91 followed by Graham Rohrmoser and Joe Riegler in third. Roland Hould took the top spot in the men’s master category at 105.15 closely followed by Bill Laing in second at 105.77 and Myrosha Daley in third. 

In the women’s open snowboard competition Marlie Marchewka held onto her title taking the category for the seventh year in a row with a time of 109.10.

Marlie Marchewka held on to her title of champion of the women’s open snowboard category for a seventh year. SPIN Photo.

“She is definitely the one to beat hands down. Marlie is even faster than most of the guys in a lot of their categories for sure,” said Thiessen.

Sara Niblock took second place in in the female open snowboard with a time of 113.27 and was followed by Abigail Lewis in third.

In the female snowboard masters category Cori Fielding took the top spot with a time of 121.22 and Jessica Kinnear finished second with a time of 130.65.

Fastest time of the day was Graham Funk in the open men’s ski category with a time of 93.02. Next up on the podium in the division was Kieran Nikula at 93.60 followed by James McLeod with a time of 101.79.

Dylan Stevens claimed the top of the podium in the men’s ski master division with a time of 103.80 with Johnes Ruml finishing second at 103.90 and Brennan Thompson in third at 106.34.

Anne Terwiel topped the podium in the female ski masters division with a time of 107.41 she was followed by Kelly Kozevnikov in second at 130.45.

In the female ski open division Kerri MacGowan finished first with a time of 103.55, Elizabeth Funk took second place with a time of 107.38 and Ally Wagorn finished third at 108.50.

The Bluebird Banked Slalom donates $15 from each rider’s registration fee to the Bluebird Day Fund which provides athletic and recreational programs to the community.