Blue River tourism operator fined $35,000 for baiting bears

It was found River Safari was baiting bears. Photo Bill Pennell

River Safari, a wildlife tour company in Blue River B.C., has been ordered to pay $35,000 after pleading guilty to baiting bears.

An investigation that started in 2017 used surveillance to catch the actions on camera.
The operator used cranberries, peanut butter and meatballs to attract bears to the tour area.

The fine is the largest amount ever given to a person or company in B.C. for attracting dangerous wildlife.

They were also ordered to create an anti-baiting policy and undergo inspections.

“The primary concern of the (Conservation Officer Service) is public safety,” a statement from the B.C Conservation Officer Service said. “Illegally feeding or placing attractants to lure dangerous wildlife, such as bears, is an extremely dangerous activity.”