Bluebird Day Fund plans changes for next year

The Bluebird Day Fund (BDF) will see a number of changes to the organization coming into place by 2019 including expanding their events, programming and board of directors.

Coming out of a discussion at their annual general meeting held on May 28, the BDF will look to partner with other organizations in the Kamloops area to provide more opportunities for youth year round.

During a review of their annual events, the board of directors decided to add a new event in 2019.

“It’ll be a family fun run. We don’t have all the details nailed down yet but that’s what we’re going to look at for next year,” said Ashley Spear, BDF president.

Working on the details of that event will be the board’s newly elected member Mike Hazel who was named the co-director of events.

“He has been a volunteer with us for years so he’s come out to all of our events, supports wherever he can in a volunteer capacity,” said Spear. “It was time we made him part of the board.”

They will also be incorporating a youth peer program which will allow two youth to learn more about the organizational side of BDF.

“My oldest daughter is turning 13 and inquired how she can help and learn more about it so we put forward a new directive where we can have her join in and help see just how things are run,”  explained Spears. “We’ve also opened that opportunity to another member but I haven’t heard if he’s accepted or not yet so they’ll be peer board members.”

She said she hopes the new directive will help foster her daughter’s interest and eventually help youth become future full board members.

“It also helps keep us in touch with what the youth want because they’re right at the age of our programs, our target audience of who we want to help,” said Spear.

As the organization shifts into summer, they will get a head start on planning their next two annual events, the Giver Balls Open Golf Tournament and the Fall Ball. Anyone interested in learning more about the Bluebird Day Fund or getting involved as a volunteer can visit