Burning the midnight oil-Local filmers working nights on new projects

The lead actor takes a moment to pause in the sunshine. | PHOTO 2DEEP MEDIA

While shooting in the backcountry can be challenging enough, local production company 2Deep Media has been upping the ante by filming much of its new project, Nightcrawlers, in the dark.

“It’s funny, I am reminded of old stories of guys skiing back in the day with small car batteries and car stereos so they could listen to music before small tape players. I have been reaching out to people and trying to remember where I caught wind of these savages,” said skier and filmmaker Keiran Nikula.

According to Nikula, it’s been an interesting mission to lug deep cycle batteries and light bars up the mountain while ski touring. The crew ran into lighting and battery issues and was impacted by plunging temperatures and unexpected weather patterns blocking
their progress.

Despite the setbacks their energy remained high as they were joined by Nikula’s Salomon teammate Jarred Martin, a Kamloops boy turned Whistler local.

Jarred Martin takes a deep turn in the darkness. | PHOTO 2DEEP MEDIA

“He brought a lot of motivation to our first week, which helped us keep going as we had many hang ups the first week,” said Nikula.

The team was able to secure only a few action shots with the weather conditions, but combined with setting up intro shots and a planned session when the snow flies, they felt good about the project.

A main character walking. Photo 2Deep Media

Nightcrawlers’ plot revolves around a man, now old and grey, looking back and dreaming about his days on the mountain with no regrets.

“Our lead was such a pleasure to work with and I know that we all had a really great time. The footage is looking on point and exactly what we are looking for,” said Nikula.
The transition into the “dream world” was shot in early February.

“We have time and can be patient to make sure we have the proper conditions we are looking for,” said Nikula.