Calling for Big Brothers and Sisters

Big BrothersThe Bluebird Day Fund (BDF) has put out a call for volunteers to be part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program this winter season.

Bryan Lupul, BDF president, said the program aims to pair adult sports mentors with youths who wish to learn and improve their skiing and snowboarding skills.

“If someone has the time to commit, it means so much for the kids and their parents,” Lupul said.

“Bryn (Taylor – the inspiration behind the Bluebird Day Fund) was big on getting everyone to get out there and snowboard and ski, and the Big Brother program is a great way of getting kids involved.”

The Bluebird Day Fund has been working with the Kamloops division of Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2012, and said in the past, up to 80 youths were on the waiting list to be paired with a sports mentor.

Lupul said the program wasn’t just about teaching skiing and snowboarding skills, but also giving youths a positive role model, teaching skills such as goal-setting, leadership and good sportsmanship.

“It’s a great chance to teach kids life skills by teaching and hanging out with them. The kids look up to their mentors big time,” Lupul said.

“You never know what you’re getting into when you sign on for something like this. A lot of mentors stay in touch with their kids even after the program is finished.”

Lupul said those interested in being a sports mentor would be required to devote a total of six days to the program — two Sundays each month in January, February and March. Mentors should also hold a season pass or be committed to purchasing day passes for those days.

The BDF and Big Brothers Big Sisters would provide everything the youths needed, including transport to and from Sun Peaks, all skiing or snowboarding gear, and lunch for the youths and their mentors.

Lupul encouraged potential mentors to sign up sooner than later, as mentors would need to pass a screening process through Big Brothers Big Sisters in Kamloops before being accepted as a mentor.

“This process can take a little while, so the sooner you can get onto this the better.”

Visit the Bluebird Day Fund web page for more information and to sign up for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.