Canada to Mexico: Road trip of a lifetime for Sun Peaks’ locals

Moto - Photo by Adam BullockImagine cruising on a motorcycle through Death Valley and being buzzed by a jet fighter — cruising by at such low altitude you can practically look the pilot in the eyes. Or riding through tiny coastal communities in Mexico.

Sun Peaks’ locals Joel Currie and Adam Bullock don’t have to imagine it. After 8,000 kilometres and over four weeks of riding, the pair have recently returned from an epic road trip taking them down the western seaboard of the USA and into Mexico, wrapping up on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Cabo San Lucas.

Currie had been planning the dream trip for several years before being approached by Bullock, who had heard through a mutual friend and was keen to share the trip.

With Currie on his Harley Davidson Crossbones cruiser and Bullock riding a Kawasaki Versys 650, loaded with camping equipment, food and water and a jerry can for those long haul days, the pair left Canada in early November.

Opting to use road maps instead of GPS, Currie and Bullock planned to take their time cruising through the USA, checking out the scenery, visiting some of the big cities, and getting off the beaten track to camp on secluded beaches.

For Currie, the jet-fighter experience was just one of many highlights, which included checking out the scenery in Yosemite National Park and catching up with some friends from Sun Peaks for a wild weekend in Las Vegas.

“The trip was everything I thought it would be. It was really just an adventure,” Currie said.

Bullock said an 11-hour riding day, taking the pair from the tiny town of Leggett in California (population 122) through winding mountain roads and down the California coast to arrive at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge by nightfall was a favourite moment of the month-long adventure.

“Every day was great…but that day was one of the most memorable. It was a long day on the bike but it was worth it to pull up at the Golden Gate Bridge at the end of it. It was something to tick off the bucket list for sure,” Bullock said.

After weeks of riding and exploring the USA, the pair crossed the border into Mexico, where Currie was amazed by the hospitality of the locals.

“People had told us we had to be really careful in Mexico and that it would be unsafe, but we never felt that way at all. The people were really friendly.”Moto 2 - Photo by Adam Bullock

Pulling up in Cabo San Lucas, the pair treated themselves to a penthouse apartment on the beach. “We rewarded ourselves after the long trip, but I guess the whole trip was a reward,” Currie said.

After a couple of weeks in Mexico, the pair flew back to Sun Peaks in time for the start of the winter season, but the adventure doesn’t end quite yet.

“We’ve left our bikes in a friend’s garage in Cabo,” Bullock said. “At the end of April we’ll be heading back to pick them up, ride up to Coachella, and then head back to Sun Peaks hitting any of the places we missed on the way down.”