On a CrashCourse to success

DJ Crashcourse

Although he’s no longer residing in Sun Peaks, Tim Lange still calls it home, and says the community is always in his heart. Perhaps better known these days by his DJ moniker, CrashCourse, Lange left Sun Peaks last year to focus on his blossoming musical career. “It was an important choice for me. Every artist gets to a fork in the road where … [Read more...]

A flurry of fun and festivities for fall

Blackdog Blue

With lift operations now over for the summer season, many locals and visitors may be stuck for ideas to keep occupied over the fall season. Christopher Nicolson, president of Tourism Sun Peaks was quick to highlight some alternative activities to keep people occupied this fall. Walk on water: While it might be a bit cold for a swim, Nicolson … [Read more...]

Head True North for local art


Five minutes outside of Sun Peaks, nestled in the small village of Whitecroft, resides two artistic minds creating scores of art; for their own enjoyment, and the enjoyment those who appreciate nature and its beauty. Allen (Al) and Judy Kalas’ love story began in a high school art class, where they were not only attracted to the skills and … [Read more...]