Want to be my friend?


Kids are really much nicer than adults. Sure, toddlers are shockingly violent and vocal for their size (just imagine adults carrying on the way three-year-olds are wont to do), but that’s just a communicative plea, rather than an inherently mean streak. Adults can be inherently mean; or more often, simply disinterested and exhausted. Note, both … [Read more...]

Good country people


There’s something special about the kind of people who like to live off the beaten track. Like a duck to water, I’ve taken to my new life in the country, ecstatic to have left behind the restrictions and regulations of city life. I appreciate how country people have their own ways of doing things; in Whitecroft there are more burn barrels than … [Read more...]

Poke, prod and pinch


When my editor first suggested we write a story on Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature Modulation I was intrigued. For one thing, it just sounds fancy, and secondly, it’s fascinating to get the scoop on a personalized fitness and nutrition program that uses fat measurements and hormones to target specific areas of the client’s body. Then I did some … [Read more...]