Music Diva moves on

rikki snowboarding

The expression “all good things must come to an end” is apt as SPIN has to announce that freelancer, environmental writer and music diva, Rikki MacCuish, will no longer be writing regularly for the newsmagazine. MacCuish moved to Sun Peaks in 2007 and began writing for SPIN shortly thereafter. Over the years she’s interviewed some big names and cites some of her most memorable interviews as with folk artist Cat … [Read more...]

Time to cash in on early bird summer concert tickets

Concerts - blues and roots

What would your ultimate August look like? If it’s a month-long spree of music festivals then we’re on the same path. August is B.C.’s music festival month and while planning ahead may not be your thing, getting early bird ticket prices should be. There are lots of great shows coming up; here are few top options to choose from this August. Weekend number 1 Why not start with the Wanderlust Festival from … [Read more...]

Best buds bringing the funk to The Club

Doja band

It took nine years of practice but Doja’s ready and on the road! Supporting their 2012 EP Set and Setting funk-rock band Doja will be appearing at Sun Peaks’ The Club on February 16. The three members of Doja, bassist Steve Kalkman, drummer Brad Desjardins and singer-guitarist Ricky Lawrie, all met in Grade One at elementary school, and all coming from musical families, they’ve been together as a band on and off … [Read more...]

Michael Wood Band taking the stage at Sun Peaks for Aussie Day


I’m sitting in a busy coffee shop with 21-year-old John Lennon look-alike Josh Weed when the namesake member of Michael Wood Band shows up, fashionably late as I’m told is customary. He’s just come from a class on The Beatles at University of Victoria and it’s immediately apparent that below their young and jovial exteriors these two are serious music men. Michael Wood Band is from the Victoria area, and after … [Read more...]