A photo book of your own

Peter has been photographing the wildlife & nature in the Kamloops area for 8 years. He's a member of the Southern Interior Mountain Bluebird Trail Society & supports the Grasslands Conservation Council of B.C. with his images.

Go-tos for girls’ night

Amanda loves movies—she particularly adores indie and horror films. When she’s not reading, Amanda spends a lot of her time looking up previews for upcoming releases.

Support your local underground

Rikki is a frequent concert-goer who always has one ear to the ground and the other to the speaker. Always looking out for new and innovative artists, she loves everything Indie and keeps a close eye on what’s going on in music locally and internationally.

Cuts to arts funding “a kick to the stomach

A local art organization is one of the casualties of the government’s planned cuts to arts funding. Kamloops’ Arnica Artist Run Centre wasn’t approved for...