WAZU brings metal, synths and a heavy dose of the 80s


Wherever this new wave ‘80s-tinged music trend came from, hopefully it sticks around for a while. If you loved Bowie and Depeche Mode from the ‘80s spun with a hint of Nine Inch Nails, layered over some metal undertones you’ll love WAZU. WAZU comprises Matt and Rizz, two Australian ex-pats currently situated in New York City, but making waves all over North America and Europe. The two reportedly met at a … [Read more...]

Putting down the pen


After nearly six years of writing Rave Reviews for SPIN, I’m putting down my proverbial pen. In September, I started a new position that required me to give up my volunteer commitments for a year. While I’m excited about my new role, I’m sad to say goodbye to the SPIN crew. In this edition of Rave Reviews, I give you some reflections on six years of movie watching, along with one more little film for you to pick … [Read more...]

Rave Reviews: The Dark Knight Rises and Ted

The Dark Knight Rises

The summer blockbuster season is in full swing, and there are plenty of offerings at your local theatre to get you excited. Whether you’re heading out with the little ones to catch Brave, or for a little comic-inspired action and romance in the new Spiderman, everyone will find something to watch. Now that school is out for me, my schedule has permitted me to take in a few more summer shows. This edition of Rave … [Read more...]

A range of spy flicks out there for viewing


During a recent visit to Kamloops, I stopped by the new Movie Mart location on the North Shore. What a treat! While movie stores across the province have been closing in droves, the Kamloops rental institution remains. For me, it was a perfect opportunity to roam the shelves looking for new releases and old favourites, and I set out for a little spy-on-spy action. The spy genre is diverse, but the three films covered … [Read more...]

Avengers explodes, but characters fall flat


After my last column, lamenting the downward slide of film and the movie theatre experience, I took in what may be the first attempt at a response to the new rise of television. In May, Marvel Comics saw the culmination of a five film wind up with the release of The Avengers. The comic book blockbuster has blown away the competition, earning unprecedented sums in its opening weekend. But what is perhaps more … [Read more...]