Kamloops theatre gets intimate


Coming soon to an ally near you, Dancing Monkey presents Frank McGuiness’ “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me” March 6 to 8. The production will take place in an empty commercial space, accessed via an ally, with small audiences to create an intimate atmosphere. “This is a show about men who are hostages in Lebanon, and we really want to make the audience feel like they could be in the same room as these guys,” says … [Read more...]

Not in Kansas anymore

Whitecroft hot rod under a setting sun. 
Photo credit: evenSteven

When the power went out I was hunched over my computer, frantically working to meet a deadline, the same position I’d been in since five o’clock that morning. It was now four o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was dipping behind the mountains. With work no longer an option, I ventured into the dying light to take some fresh air and photographs. I figured I could spare an hour to get some exercise until the power … [Read more...]

Catching up with Portillo

Portillo Ski Resort

I spend a lot of my time chasing snow. Not in the sense that it’s running away from me, but more like I’m always trying to find it to ski on. In Canada, we have the opportunity to ski pretty easily seven months of the year on winter snow with Sunshine and Blackcomb running ‘til late May. But that leaves five long months with no schussing. In my world of athletics and ski race coaching, five months off snow is … [Read more...]

A lesson can be learned from our children

Madi loads up on supplies to distribute to the homeless.

The spirit of philanthropy hasn’t been lost on the young. Not in the Adams household, anyway. Last year SPIN reported on Ryleigh and Madi Adams, who used their $400 of birthday money, which they requested in lieu of presents, to purchase books for their school. Before that it was sporting equipment, and before that it was raising money for cancer and burn victims. Quite a charitable list for a couple of elementary … [Read more...]

Full agenda packed for WOW Sun Peaks

marcia wilson

Tickets are on sale now for the inaugural Women Only Weekend (WOW) at Sun Peaks, from September 13 to 15, 2013. Unlike other women’s conferences, WOW Sun Peaks is an active retreat for women. It offers Zumba in the heart of the village, a vinyasa yoga series, cycling to a mountain lake for brunch, wine tasting events and a lunch seminar with Olympic Champion Nancy Greene. Activities are balanced with speakeasy … [Read more...]