Protect yourself from the sun

sunblock and legs

With the release of the Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014 and evidence that the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, is on the rise, Canadians are being warned to give due respect to the power of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV). According to recent statistics, even though most forms of cancer cases are decreasing in Canada, skin cancer … [Read more...]

Zen and the Art of Forest Chickens

grouse 2

Sometimes we find our teachers in the most unlikely places. This spring I found mine living in the greenbelt separating my backyard from Louis Creek — or maybe he found me. As part of my naturalist training, most days I wake before sunrise and make a cup of tea before picking my way quietly through this little band of forest en route to my morning … [Read more...]

Ten steps to staying motivated

Finding a workout partner or group can help keep you motivated. 
Photo contributed by Ingird Mitchell

We all have days where getting out the door is the hardest part of the workout. How do we stay fresh and excited about our activities rather than getting stale and bored? You may find some helpful strategies in my suggestions below. Find a group or just one training partner. Being accountable to someone else not only makes us more dependable, … [Read more...]