Yoga for every body type


“I always say yoga is for every body. Whether you are tall or short, flexible, unfit or just a bit lazy, everybody out there can do, and enjoy, yoga,” says Hayley Petznick of Lotus Heart Healing and Yoga. “I’ve seen 19-year-olds who can’t touch their toes and 65-year-olds who are doing the splits.” Petznick recently started offering yoga classes … [Read more...]

Get Retro for health and fitness

Jo's Retro Road Race

The 2nd annual Get Retro at Jo’s Road Race hits Sun Peaks on August 16, and event organizer Jo Berry is encouraging local residents to get on board for the fun run. The “fun, friendly and fabulous” road race includes one kilometre, five km and 10 km routes and will complement the Retro Concert Weekend with participants encouraged to wear retro … [Read more...]

Protect yourself from the sun

sunblock and legs

With the release of the Canadian Cancer Statistics 2014 and evidence that the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, is on the rise, Canadians are being warned to give due respect to the power of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV). According to recent statistics, even though most forms of cancer cases are decreasing in Canada, skin cancer … [Read more...]