What we “think” of Christmas


Here we are again at this unique time of year—the countdown to Christmas. For many, it seems, there are mixed feelings. There are delicious feelings of warmth and connectedness, and a longing to gather with family and friends and to share expressions of love and caring. Christmas cards and gift giving in some form are part of the tradition in many … [Read more...]

Canada shifts gears in smoking policy


Despite the support of provincial health ministers, Health Canada has decided not to revamp its anti-smoking label campaign. The revamped campaign would’ve included a 1-800 hotline and a website on the updated labels to assist smokers who want to quit. The government also planned to use bigger and more graphic images on the labels. In … [Read more...]

What’s behind the mask?


Halloween is the time of year when imaginations soar with creative ideas for costumes and masks. Masks may allow us to let go of some of our inhibitions and insecurities and act in unfamiliar ways. As I thought about Halloween masks, they seemed like a metaphor for the “masks” that we wear in our day-to-day lives. Most of us, innocently … [Read more...]