Keeping your calm

What we experience as chaos varies from one person to the next. For one person, the most minor change in schedule or in environment is enough to throw them into a frenzy. For others they’re comfortable with change and multi-tasking, and only major breakdowns are seen as chaotic. If one person misplaces their airline ticket it’s a challenge that can … [Read more...]

Having the power to make changes


It’s an interesting phenomenon that the bar is being raised in human achievement and the development of our enormous potential. In the field of athletics, records continue to be broken. In the field of science, new frontiers are being explored and previously unimagined discoveries are occurring almost daily. Some behaviour and responses that … [Read more...]

Inside-out? OK, I get it!


I recently had a conversation with a friend about “outside-in” thinking versus “inside-out” thinking. We talked about the different experience that each offers and how it affects our state of mind and our mood. We talked about them as if they were two different functions of the brain, two different principles of thought. It was only some time … [Read more...]