Who me . . . angry?

Anger would appear to be one of the most prevalent and destructive manifestations of our thinking. As the pace of daily life seems to speed up and expectations crowd our days we often feel challenged to keep a calm perspective. It may start as a very minor irritation when the morning coffee is too strong or we’re out of cream. We can each create our own list of “glitches” between waking and lunchtime. Kids missed the … [Read more...]

Expectations—real or imagined


As promised last month we are revisiting the idea of “expectations.” This seems like a particularly appropriate time to do so since, for many, with the New Year comes a list of hopes, resolutions and plans for the months ahead. First let’s review the principles behind our experience. We know that life is an inside-out experience. We’re the creators of the movie we call life. Someone has said “Life is 10 per cent … [Read more...]

Feeling festive?

Here we are yet again. The festive season is upon us. For many it’s a time of excitement and joy. For some it’s a time of stress and anxiety. For most it’s a time of busy schedules and high expectations. Each year I’d start out with visions of a Norman Rockwell/Martha Stewart event where the entire family gathered around a perfect tree surrounded by just the right gift for each one. The vision would expand to … [Read more...]

The principles in action


In last month’s article we talked about some of the paradigm shifts that have occurred throughout our history. There have been many: from a flat earth to a round planet, from travel by land and sea to jet planes and rocket ships, the list goes on. What’s interesting about a paradigm shift is that the potential or principles underlying each advancement were already in existence from the beginning of time but … [Read more...]

Change your perspective; why not give it a shot?


From time to time some information comes along that seems to challenge our dearly held beliefs. Throughout human history there have been many examples. At one time it was believed that the Earth was flat. It must have been beyond comprehension that one could go to the limit of the horizon and not fall off the edge. It soon became common knowledge that in fact the Earth was round and a whole new world opened up. … [Read more...]