Hop into Nordic skiing

Jackrabbit 2013-14_photo Phil Youwe

A children’s Nordic program that saw significant growth in participation numbers returns for the 2014/15 season. The Sun Peaks Nordic Club’s Jackrabbit program began with just nine participants, growing to 25 in its second year, and the club is hoping some new equipment will inflate those numbers further. “We’re very fortunate to have obtained a … [Read more...]

My kids don’t listen!

Kids Dont Listen

Dear Dr. Renaud: My kids don’t listen to me. I feel like I’m yelling at them and threatening them all the time. I don’t like myself, and I’m sure my kids don’t like me much either, but I feel as though it’s the only way I can get them to behave. I get so embarrassed in public when they don’t listen and they act like brats. Help! Pulling out … [Read more...]

Head True North for local art


Five minutes outside of Sun Peaks, nestled in the small village of Whitecroft, resides two artistic minds creating scores of art; for their own enjoyment, and the enjoyment those who appreciate nature and its beauty. Allen (Al) and Judy Kalas’ love story began in a high school art class, where they were not only attracted to the skills and … [Read more...]