Online scammers target Sun Peaks

Online Scammer

Kamloops RCMP are reminding local residents to use common sense and be cautious when posting personal information online, after a Sun Peaks resident was targeted by a suspected online scammer. Towards the end of March, a Sun Peaks resident was contacted through Facebook by a stranger from Winnipeg, who attempted to add him as a friend and continued to ask for details about his birthday. Personal details like these … [Read more...]

Sun Peaks Scouts seek adult leaders

Scouts - Photo supplied by Colin Cannon Small

The Sun Peaks Scouts are in need of some extra adult leaders to help out with the running of the Scouting program. Colin Cannon said the program was a great way to give back to the community, learn some new skills, and get outdoors and explore Sun Peaks. Cannon said the Scouts had plenty of activities planned for the coming months, including hiking to the Whitecroft waterfall; attending the week-long Pacific … [Read more...]

Tennis potential considered


The potential to start a Sun Peaks tennis club is being considered, according to Sun Peaks Resort LLP (SPR) sports director Vincent Lafontaine. “If there’s interest I’d love to see it happen someday,” he said. “We only have the two courts, but I think we could manage a fun weekend tournament.” Lafontaine said SPR is focusing more strongly on their tennis program this year, with a range of clinics and tennis … [Read more...]

Summer activities get an early start


Warm weather and early spring conditions have proven beneficial to several activity providers in Sun Peaks, who’ve been able to open for businesses sooner than expected. According to Tourism Sun Peaks (TSP) horse riding, Segway tours, stand-up paddleboarding and canoe tours are among the summer activities which are either already up and running or expected to open in the next few weeks. Sun Peaks Stables owner … [Read more...]

Positive forecast for May to June visitors in Sun Peaks

sp village

Although the shoulder season in Sun Peaks lacks the hustle-and-bustle of high season activity, many residents may be surprised by how busy Sun Peaks is behind the scenes. The resurgence of tour-bus tourism following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008 and the popularity of Sun Peaks hotels for corporate retreats, conferences and school groups means Sun Peaks is poised for one of its strongest May to June … [Read more...]