Good country people


There’s something special about the kind of people who like to live off the beaten track. Like a duck to water, I’ve taken to my new life in the country, ecstatic to have left behind the restrictions and regulations of city life. I appreciate how country people have their own ways of doing things; in Whitecroft there are more burn barrels than … [Read more...]

Lessons learned in pleasing the snow god

Carmen Ruiz border

“Home we go! Out of the driving snow! Yule tree sought we, Yule tree bear we! Home we go! Yule log’s might and main we bring With Ullr’s blessing: let us sing Around the fire’s glow!” — Lyrics from Ullr’s Yule Gift by Winifred Hodge Rose. Ullr (pronounced oolar) — the god of snow — is worshiped in ski towns like Sun Peaks. When there’s a … [Read more...]

Cleaning house


I hate to admit it wasn’t that much of a shock to me that after more than 80 years reporting community news, sports, obits, and ads the Kamloops Daily News (KDN) announced that it was no longer publishing a daily newspaper. Online competition, increased costs, decreased advertising revenue and market trends are just a few of the tag words used in … [Read more...]