Darwin award candidates

Car Rollover

November 22, opening day, winter season 2014/2015. While skiable terrain was limited due to lack of natural snow, Mother Nature kindly dumped 20 centimetres of fresh powder the night before and Sun Peaks awoke to blue sky and fluffy powder. A great start to the winter season! My opening day started just before 8 a.m. as I passed several, obviously … [Read more...]

Ferguson puts citizen journalists in spotlight

Photo by Jamelle Bouie

A common theme I’ve tried to share over the past few months is accountability. We expect and deserve an open and accountable government, and we strive to have transparency whenever the business sector and our communities overlap. Granted, there is more work to be done, but the theme of accountability has existed in our society for hundreds of … [Read more...]

Remembering courage


What values define our nation and culture? What values are presented by those in positions of influence and power in our society? I’ll ask this in another way. When was the last time you heard a media personality speak of courage in the face of adversity? In my own admittedly limited experience, courage, and a desire to embrace the challenges … [Read more...]