Leave the technology inside and just play

Young Boy (8-10) Sitting on a Couch Playing a Video Game

Dear Dr. Renaud: My kids don’t know how to play. They play with their tech toys but without them they don’t know what to do with themselves. They complain they’re bored and with summer break here I don’t know what to do with them. I hate the idea that they’ll just sit with their faces in their gadgets. At wit’s end mom Dear wit’s end mom: Your … [Read more...]

An outsider’s view of the Northern Gateway Project


I grew up in the beautiful coastal town of Esperance, Western Australia; a town famous for its pristine beaches and magnificent coastline. The sign as you enter the town proudly states “Voted Australia’s Best Beaches” which is a pretty big claim to fame in a country known for its beaches. Growing up, I learned from an early age that industry and … [Read more...]

Ontario election highlights future concerns

Elections Image

The recent election in Ontario has revealed something, loud and clear. It’s shown that many Canadians are content to pass debt-ridden, low growth and high unemployment economies down to their children. As one of those Canadians who’ll be inheriting the bill for the governments reckless spending, I would like to see an end to these destructive … [Read more...]