A new era for Sun Peaks Independent News

Welcome to the first issue produced solely by the new owners of Sun Peaks Independent News. The first order of business is a few huge acknowledgments of gratitude. The amount of well wishes and words of encouragement we’ve received from the community before even putting pen to paper has been overwhelming. In an era of a vastly changing media landscape, you’re never sure of the reaction when you tell someone you’ve … [Read more...]

Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline

TNDR logo

Mel Rothenburger, TNRD Director of Electoral Area P (Rivers and The Peaks). director.mrothenburger@tnrd.ca When Sun Peaks Mayor Al Raine recently proposed a motion that the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) board officially support expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, I declared a conflict of interest and left the room. I did so because the pipeline runs through my Black Pines property and … [Read more...]

Senate audit not worth $23 million


 “This scandal could not be any more Canadian if public money was used to get Drake to drink maple syrup on Niagara Falls.” – John Oliver, Last Week Tonight Canadians should be pretty frustrated with the results of the recent Senate audit. I’m not talking about the part where 30 senators were found to have “questionable expenses” totalling nearly $1 million. No. It’s the $23 million cost of the two-year long … [Read more...]

Over and out – Adam Earle signs off from SPIN

Adam Earle

Time flies when you’re having fun - the proof is the past 13 years of owning and publishing Sun Peaks Independent News Inc. (SPIN), has been both a blast and a blur. Back in December 2002, my wife Cathy and I nervously launched the first issue of SPIN, without knowing anything about newspapers or the media business. If it wasn’t for the sound advice of our very first customer, it might have been both the beginning … [Read more...]

Online media: a modern scapegoat

Cyber Bully

During one of my many drives between the Lower Mainland and Sun Peaks, I was half listening to the radio, when a discussion on the “root causes” of bullying came on. That got my attention — I wanted to hear what a number of radio personalities would blame for bullying, and it wasn’t surprising to hear them say violence in online media, especially gaming, was causing children to become bullies. Upon further … [Read more...]