Scheduling your mornings

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Family Matters with Dr. Renaud Dear Dr. Renaud, I have a huge problem with my 8 year-old daughter — getting her ready and to school on time. We have huge battles over getting dressed, eating and getting out the door in the morning. Please help. Distressed Mom Dear Distressed Mom, Don’t be distressed, I can help you with this situation. … [Read more...]

Sun Peaks Fire Rescue WEP 7 year anniversary


What do you give someone for their seven year anniversary? Let me clarify that, what do you give to a group of people on their seven year anniversary? Back in 2007 I applied, and was accepted, to be part of the Sun Peaks Fire Rescue WEP (work experience program). It’s a great program that the Sun Peaks Fire Rescue department provides for people … [Read more...]

Re: In Defence of conservatism: a young man’s view on taxation

Letters to the editor

I have been educating people on economics and government policy for the past 15 years as an instructor of economics at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and through my role at the Fraser Institute, Canada’s top ranked think tank. Every once in a while, I have the great pleasure of coming across a young person that is wise beyond his or her years, … [Read more...]