The seeds of greed


“L’état, c’est moi,” Louis XIV, in a moment of grandeur candour. There’s a good reason why professional athletes are generally only signed for a few years and why we have elections fairly frequently. Once our sports stars and politicos find themselves in a position of privilege, the initial enthusiasm seems to wear off and a sense of entitlement … [Read more...]

Where our gaze will take us


“What, me worry?” — Alfred E. Newman. The iconic gap toothed smile and insouciant devil-may-care attitude of the ginger everyman who graced MAD magazine covers for my teenage years popped into my head the other day as I sat in my favourite easy chair stroking my purring cat, asking his opinion of world events, as I searched (not desperately, … [Read more...]

The upper house needs renos

“Publish and be damned!” — Duke of Wellington daring a blackmailer. In the olden days, politicians, monarchs and autocrats could and would use their power to quell any unseemly talk of misbehaviour or scandal by throwing journalists in jail or worse. Unfortunately for these types, the allegations were often true and the resultant uproar and the … [Read more...]