The federal election in hindsight

“Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” — Children’s ditty Do you remember that cheesy horse race game from the arcade where you had to wobble a handle to get your particular steed to go faster, but all that really went on was the little pony herky-jerked along at its own pace until finally one of the things crossed the finish line in victory? Our … [Read more...]

The election circus is here

“The same as it ever was, the same as it ever was.”—Talking Heads If you think the election pseudodrama taking place in Canada now is boring, stupid, useless and expensive from our hinterland of southern B.C., you won’t feel gratified by learning that from here in Switzerland (I’m here as part of the Canadian Speed Skiing Team) the whole process … [Read more...]

Talk about information overload

“All the news that’s fit to print.”— Masthead on Hearst newspapers Following the news these days is like trying to drink from a fire hose. Between the triple play of the earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Chile (is western North America next?), the tsunami and nuclear meltdowns, we’ve got the Arab world changing leaderships, America’s … [Read more...]