Kandahar to Port-au-Prince

“To be or not to be? That is the question.” William Shakespeare. It’s easier to explain to an inquiring child why the sky is blue in a scientific sense than explaining to most of us the mechanics behind the political and economic world. Apparently, there are more questions than answers. The numerous aid workers and agencies in Haiti didn’t bring positive pre-quake results. There’s no real physical … [Read more...]

Newsmakers of 2009


“All the news that’s fit to print.” New York Times Masthead. Time magazine named Ben Bernanke as its Newsmaker of 2009 ostensibly for his role in “rescuing the American economy,” but in reality simply urging people to spend their way out of debt to “stimulate” the country into overall prosperity again. Any sane person would spend less and toss out some of the plastic but in America, things seem to be … [Read more...]

Sending mixed signals on sustainability

“Red sky at night; sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning; sailor take warning.” - Seaman’s adage. There’s plenty of bad news coming our way courtesy of the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. Already world leaders are being briefed on how to respond to a few “little points” like handing over all the money in circulation from English-speaking North America and Western Europe to the allegedly “greener” rest … [Read more...]

Leave Afghanistan alone

Political Point of View

  “Is there a better life for me?” — 4 Non Blondes “Give peace a chance.” The Plastic Ono Band. Here are the top nine reasons why our mission in Afghanistan is doomed. 9. Geography. Quick! Name the three main cities. What’s their currency? Who’s their president and chief drug lord? Who cares? 8. Men’s rights. It’s not what you know but who you know. Greasing palms is the way of life there. … [Read more...]