Short term gain, long term pain, Re: The smell of money


I read Adam Earle’s opinion piece entitled “The smell of money” on the Enduro motorcycle race July 9 and 10, and would like to share some facts and opinions with you. First of all, I don’t have an issue with a motorcycle race if it’s done in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm our wonderful environment at Sun Peaks. Unfortunately, this race left … [Read more...]

RE: The smell of money

Here’s another take on Adam Earle’s column about the recent dirtbike race—while the noise makers were scaring all of the animals and ripping up nature, were they also scaring off potential buyers? Dave Street, Sun Peaks, B.C. … [Read more...]

Vertical Juice changing directions

I’m writing to send an emotional thank you to all the great people that took the time to walk through the doors of Vertical Juice over the years. We recently have turned over the controls to a new family venturing forward in the Sun Peaks community. Vertical Juice wouldn’t have become the place it was without all the great locals and travellers, … [Read more...]