Vertical Juice changing directions

I’m writing to send an emotional thank you to all the great people that took the time to walk through the doors of Vertical Juice over the years. We recently have turned over the controls to a new family venturing forward in the Sun Peaks community. Vertical Juice wouldn’t have become the place it was without all the great locals and travellers, … [Read more...]

Sustainability calls for a system approach

In recent years, the issue of global pollution has become more of a concern than ever. The associated problems can be solved only with a system approach on all levels. Every system is always part of a bigger system and, in turn, consists of a number of smaller systems. For example, our solar system is part of the galaxy, and consists of the sun … [Read more...]

Huge thanks to supporters of Delta Sun Peaks’ garage sale

Thank you to everyone that supported the Delta garage sale event held on June 5. To the staff and community members that provided donations for the event, to Shane M., Missy G. and Monique M. for volunteering their time for the barbecue side of things, to Melissa B. and Kate B. for spearheading the Garage Sale side, thank you. In a few short hours, … [Read more...]