A grateful man’s thanks

On Feb. 16, after a great morning out on the slopes, I suffered a heart attack in Snow Creek Village, my Canadian home for the past six years. Life, as we know, tends to throw up alarming surprises at times. How I, a fit 57-year-old with no previous health or heart issues, could so suddenly be on the floor in such pain came as a huge surprise. I wish to publicly thank the Sun Peaks volunteer fire service for … [Read more...]

Protect your children’s eyes

I have recently returned from my first trip to Sun Peaks and, except for a couple of glitches, enjoyed the Sun Peaks experience very much. I did have a concern that so many very young children were out in the bright sun/snow without eye protection. At the very least, the resort should install some posters, warning of the dangers associated with being out in the snow without adequate eye protection. A couple of … [Read more...]

Are you participating in Earth Hour?

Dear editor, Earth Hour is upon us once again, and on Saturday, March 26 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. over a billion people worldwide will be switching off their lights. Last year, 50 per cent of Canadians reportedly participated in Earth Hour, strong evidence, I think, that Canadians are looking for action on climate change. For even stronger evidence, look at the new poll conducted for the World Wildlife … [Read more...]

Sun Peaks day gone sour

It was a moment of poor decision making that put us into a situation where our own safety was desperately compromised and inadvertently we also became responsible for putting the well-being of others at risk. On Feb. 20, 2011, two of us headed further west of the West Bowl T-bar at Sun Peaks Resort. Assuming we could connect with the original path further down the mountain, we followed tracks into an area unknown … [Read more...]

Cheaper bus fares will drive traffic to Sun Peaks

Your paper is very informative and interesting and Sun Peaks is definitely growing; it’s been fun watching it grow and develop. One thing that has been sadly lacking and is grossly overdue in the development of the area is a reliable and economical form of transportation between Kamloops and Sun Peaks. The present cost of minimum $47 one way is out of line. One can travel to Vernon by bus for a mere $21 one way … [Read more...]