Thank you for caring for the environment

The staff at the Delta Sun Peaks Resort wish to thank everyone for coming out the morning of Wed., May 4 to assist with the Village Core Cleanup. We had a total of 37 people come out for the cleanup and they brought in a total of 15 full bags of garbage and recyclables (which was sorted out).  Thank you for caring about our village and the … [Read more...]

How do we taper off the end of winter?

The (ski season at Sun Peaks) has ended with the finality of a full stop and an echo of loss. Why is it such an abrupt ending?  Why should we not give the little shops, restaurants and hotels that create the ambiance of this happy place an opportunity to prosper a little longer and offer better and better service in the years to come? Is there a … [Read more...]

A grateful man’s thanks

On Feb. 16, after a great morning out on the slopes, I suffered a heart attack in Snow Creek Village, my Canadian home for the past six years. Life, as we know, tends to throw up alarming surprises at times. How I, a fit 57-year-old with no previous health or heart issues, could so suddenly be on the floor in such pain came as a huge … [Read more...]