Facebook profile or page, what’s best for your business?


When the first wave of popularity for conducting business on Facebook swept through, many people rushed to set up pages for their businesses. These pages required a user profile to manage them, resulting in many businesses ending up with both profile and business pages. If you’re running your business on a Facebook profile page, or on both … [Read more...]

IMAP or POP, which email type best suits your needs?


Email accounts come in all different types and sizes, but two common types are POP and IMAP. Technically speaking, these account types require you to specify an incoming and outgoing mail server but require different port settings. For most, the technical side is not of importance, as this information is only required once for set-up on each … [Read more...]

Photos include more than just memories


Keeping up with privacy settings is a daunting task that many don’t bother to attempt. In a world where everyone’s connected somehow, and with lackadaisical privacy standards, we’re also all traceable – a reality that has implications for individuals’ safety. Each picture taken with a smart phone has location information embedded in its data … [Read more...]