Photos include more than just memories


Keeping up with privacy settings is a daunting task that many don’t bother to attempt. In a world where everyone’s connected somehow, and with lackadaisical privacy standards, we’re also all traceable – a reality that has implications for individuals’ safety. Each picture taken with a smart phone has location information embedded in its data … [Read more...]

There’s not an app for that

Apps Transceiver

The Canadian Avalanche Centre warns the public to avoid using smart phone avalanche search apps in place of an avalanche transceiver. iSis Intelligent (Mountain) Rescue System, Snøg Avalanche Buddy and SnoWhere are three apps that have been tested and are not up to the CAC’s safety standards. These apps have been found to have a number of … [Read more...]

Your shining web star


Most businesses today recognize social media should be part of their overall web presence, but there’s always the question of how much time should be devoted to it. There’s no hard and fast rule to the amount of time you should spend on your social media platforms, however thinking through the ways you want to be using social media for your … [Read more...]