Distracted parents — the newest problem

Monkey See

Dear Danielle, My three-year-old always wants my phone and gets very upset when I don’t let her have it. She cries and screams until I give in and give it to her and then she ignores me when I talk to her. I have to fight with her to get it back. Should I do this? Baffled Mom Dear Baffled Mom: You have, unfortunately, fallen into the … [Read more...]

$1,000 for Sun Peaks soccer

Soccer Ball

The B.C. Interior Community Foundation have awarded the Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) with a $1,000 grant to support the creation of a youth soccer program for the community. The funding will go towards the purchase of equipment, and to help maintain the soccer fields and possibly run youth soccer camps in 2015. But there’s a … [Read more...]

Helicopter parenting: let your kids fly

Helicopter Parent

Dear Dr. Renaud: I heard the term “helicopter parent” for the first time yesterday and now I’m wondering if I’m one of those too. I try to protect my daughter from bad things. That’s my job isn’t it? I don’t want any harm to come to her and this is a bad world we live in, so that’s what I do. Good Mom Dear Good Mom: Yes, your job is to … [Read more...]