I want, I don’t want — picky eaters


Dear Dr. Renaud: I have a very picky eater. Thomas is four-years-old and goes through phases of eating that are driving me crazy. First, he won’t eat anything other than one item for weeks on end and then he doesn’t want that anymore and I can’t get him to eat anything else. I am worried that he’s going to starve to death. It ends up in a big … [Read more...]

Scouts appeal to the community

Scouts raft building Sarah Forster (6)

The Sun Peaks Scouts are calling for a new leader and for someone to step in part-time to help lead groups of six or seven children beginning in September for the 2014/15 season. “(A Scouts) leader does not need to be a parent of any of the kids, just keen to see them experience Scouting and learn about the outdoors, build leadership skills, and … [Read more...]

Surprise, it’s summer

Jump Rope for Heart web

Well, it’s officially summer holidays, despite an anticlimactic end to the school year. Rather than a bubbling build up to the last day of school, weeks of rotating strikes and bargaining between the ministry and union left students and teachers locked out two weeks before the end of the school year. Sure, some kids were stoked to get an … [Read more...]