Surprise, it’s summer

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Well, it’s officially summer holidays, despite an anticlimactic end to the school year. Rather than a bubbling build up to the last day of school, weeks of rotating strikes and bargaining between the ministry and union left students and teachers locked out two weeks before the end of the school year. Sure, some kids were stoked to get an … [Read more...]

School bell rings on another year

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To most students, June marks the most wonderful time of the year. But to the 60+ students at Sun Peaks, the whole school year is pretty wonderful. Despite late season strike action that closed the doors of  Sun Peaks Elementary and Discovery Centre for Balanced Education prematurely, the students made the most of the year with school programs … [Read more...]

Scheduling your mornings

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Family Matters with Dr. Renaud Dear Dr. Renaud, I have a huge problem with my 8 year-old daughter — getting her ready and to school on time. We have huge battles over getting dressed, eating and getting out the door in the morning. Please help. Distressed Mom Dear Distressed Mom, Don’t be distressed, I can help you with this situation. … [Read more...]