Want to be my friend?


Kids are really much nicer than adults. Sure, toddlers are shockingly violent and vocal for their size (just imagine adults carrying on the way three-year-olds are wont to do), but that’s just a communicative plea, rather than an inherently mean streak. Adults can be inherently mean; or more often, simply disinterested and exhausted. Note, both … [Read more...]

Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks to improve instructor training

Veteran ASSP volunteer Gerry Tremblay works with Cassie Kennedy to improve her sit-ski techniques. 
Photo: George Wycherley

by: Marlie Beets If a person’s keen to learn to ski or snowboard and is visually impaired, missing a limb, or has autism, where do they go for the kind of specialized instruction they need? One option is Sun Peaks Resort in B.C.’s Interior where a recent grant of $10,000 from the Kamloops Blazers “Sports Legacy Fund” will help Adaptive Sports at … [Read more...]

Freedom to ride


Speed skiing, slopestyle, ski cross and other ski and snowboard events have become household words, but have you heard of freeskiing? The “new age” downhill event has competitors hit natural features such as pillows, drops and trees as well as terrain park rails, boxes and jumps. Each skier has the freedom to choose their own line while judges … [Read more...]