Celebrating one year and a ‘get it done’ attitude

spin papers

One year, gone. Just like that. Time sure flies when you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Sending this issue off to print marks one full year the new staff here at SPIN have been at it. And we’ve learned a lot along the way, both about ourselves and about the community.

When MLA Terry Lake was in town last month to announce some recent government funding (see page 2) he made an interesting comment on how it is to work with Sun Peaks. With a bit humor, but also truth, he said basically we’re going to go ahead and do what we need to do for our community, so the provincial government should probably just get on board. He was referring to the school and Health Centre, both of which are huge projects lifted off the ground by dedicated residents and massive fundraising in the community, but those are just a few of the most recent made-in-Sun-Peaks-solutions.

This place has long history of operating with a “get it done” attitude and working to fix problems with what we have available. Whether it was a patroller sleeping in a hut at the Top of the World to make sure the lift can open safely first thing in the morning or a young professional selling real estate out of a portable trailer to kick start new builds, people just made it happen.


Our publication is proud to be associated with a place with these qualities and it’s been a lot of fun to cover all the individuals, groups, events and issues that have been a part of this past year. It’s been satisfying to watch our readership increase, both in the village and in Kamloops, and know we are helping local businesses grow.

We’d like to thank everyone for the support, feedback and story ideas. Please keep it all coming.

Personally I’d like to thank my sister Jen for deciding to embark on this huge unknown with me and for all her work in navigating this first year. I’d also like to thank all our reporters, freelancers and contributors for filling our pages with informative and relevant content for all our great readers.

My hope is to continue to grow with the community by fostering open discussion, incubating, encouraging and promoting local talent and assisting businesses in reaching their customers.

We’re celebrating with an Open House at our office located in the Kookaburra Lodge on the afternoon of Aug. 5. It will be late notice when this issue hits newsstands but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood please feel free stop in anytime. Our door is always open!