Celebrating Sulzle’s exhibit, Available Light

printer copy gallery poster spin copyAvailable light — it’s the light that’s around us, the light a photographer can rely (or gamble) on without additional equipment. And, it’s the name of wildlife photographer Peter Sulzle’s upcoming exhibit at the Wilson House Gallery in North Kamloops.

“I thought the name would be appropriate due to the fact that I never use artificial light or flash on my subjects,” explains Sulzle. “I enjoy getting up early and staying out after sunset to capture my images in the best light of the day.”

Finding the right moment isn’t however quite as easy as getting out the door early, or as spontaneous as being in the right place at the right time. Sulzle does his research to find out where and when he might spot the animal he wants to photograph. His ears are open to tips from fellow photographers and from the Kamloops Naturalist Club, and he hits the trails himself to scout locations. He knows only too well how patient a photographer must be to capture that split-second, perfect shot.

“(When I’m scouting) I make the decision as to whether it’s safe for me to try for images, with the subjects’ welfare in mind as well,” he says. “The subject is always what I’m after. For me, it’s all about creating an image that shows a creature in its natural habitat and everyday behaviour.”

He explains that his favourite tableaux for capturing wildlife photos are big landscapes, and the Kamloops area works well for this.

“My favourite image on display will be a family of mule deer at sunset that I captured on Rose Hill in Kamloops. Another personal favourite is an owl nest in an old pine from Kenna Cartwright Park that shows the mother and one owlet peeking out from the entrance.”

Sulzle will be displaying his wildlife photography from February 12 to March 13.

“I’ll have about 15 images on display in framed canvas,” says Sulzle. “All the images are local to the Kamloops region and taken over the last 18 months or so.”

This is Sulzle’s first formal exhibit, although his work has been part of the public domain for several years with the province’s Bear Aware and WildSafeBC programs and as a regular columnist for SPIN from 2009 to 2013.

“It’s going to be thrilling to show everyone the wildlife that lives near or among us,” says Sulzle. “I hope my show will give visitors to the gallery a new respect and appreciation for nature and the wild creatures that call our area home.”

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