Change of season means time to recharge

Carmen Ruiz borderThe off-season has arrived and those who were planning to stay for just the season, but have decided to stay for the summer, are asking, “What is there to do around here at this time of year?”

Well, to be honest, the organized options (like lift-access skiing) are off the agenda, so it becomes a bit more up to the individual to figure out what to do, “choose your own adventure” style. A lot of us have already pencilled in a healthy dose of relaxation.

As a destination resort, every day of the “on-season” feels as busy as a weekend. I, for one, am looking forward to doing a little bit of nothing because, as one of the many servers here, I can attest that working in the restaurant industry is very hard on the body.

After running around basically every single day, waking up in the morning with feet still aching from the night before, and accidentally offering new tables fresh ground pepper instead of asking them what they’d like to drink, servers of Sun Peaks want to spend some time on the couch watching reruns of our favourite TV shows.

After five months of tiring work, eating the same staff meals, it gets hard to be as excited about the menu as we were when we first started. Deciphering Australian terminology — “sorry did you actually want a lemonade or do you mean Sprite?” — can get exhausting. We’re looking forward to not having to politely smile and try to run away when a table stops us dead in our marathon run and say, “We’re ready to order” when they clearly aren’t. Or when a guest, who, I get it, is just excited to experience our champagne powder, claims, “It’s so amazing out there! It’s too bad you’re working.” Thanks for that!

But the amazing part about working as a server in Sun Peaks is that we get to meet new people from different parts of the world on a daily basis. Sometimes they come and go, but sometimes too they linger as part of our spheres, and offer us a place to stay if we’re ever in their hometowns. The tight-knit bond that we create with our co-workers is an added bonus to our job.

That’s why I say it’s great that there’s not so much to do in the off-season, because after a long, hard winter, it’s good to catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation with friends, whether it be around a fire, or at one of the local watering holes.

Enjoy this season, because before we all know it, summer will be here, and we’ll be at it all over again.