Community nears Bear Smart Certification

As bears come out of hibernation SPMRM is working with Wildsafe BC to become Bear Smart certified. File photo.

As spring sun melts spring snow, bears have emerged from their dens after a winter of hibernation. For those living in or visiting Sun Peaks this means exercising extra caution to not attract or interact with the animals.

Two years ago a group of volunteers began work alongside Sun Peaks Mountain Resort Municipality (SPMRM) to earn the community a Bear Smart certification.

This year Thompson Nicola Regional District Wildsafe BC community co-ordinator Rhiannon Guerra will complete an assessment outlining issues Sun Peaks must address before earning the certificate.

The assessment may include things like natural attractants, garbage management and educating anyone who comes into the community.

Guerra said the assessment and it’s approval will take a few weeks then it’s up to SPMRM and the committee to complete the work.

As bears have now left their dens Guerra said it’s important to be cautious in areas they frequent.

“Bears are active now…people hiking should know there are bears in the area.”

She recommended hikers carry bear spray and keep dogs on leashes. She also said to look for signs of bear activity like scat or scratch marks on trees.

Guerra will attend some of the Sun Peaks Market Day this summer to answer questions and provide information.

To get involved in the committee contact Catherine McGauchie at